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Pinellas County License Number 52-51-03582
In many early child care programs the attitude lately has been towards more education and skills training.  However,
young children also need plenty of time to just play, to explore their world, and to learn social skills.  Kathy’s Home
Daycare offers this for your child, by providing a balance between structured and unstructured activities and by
recognizing that all children are born with the desire to explore, discover and learn.  The most effective means of
accomplishing this is through their play, because I believe that it is through play, that children learn best.  Play is critical to
through play.  Children learn through play because they are engaged in what they are doing.  When children are having
fun, they are interested and open to new ideas and thoughts.  As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along
with others and take turns, experience their world and bring meaning to it.  It models the social framework that builds
relationships for life and inspires imagination.